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Queen Bee Dead - AGAIN! Solo kill!


After a long night of slaying all manner of imps, harpies, beasts, and birds your heroes pushed forward to the land of the bee's for our second attempt at the Queen as a solo guild.   

The lead up battles were very cleanly done with minimal casualties, as your heroes remembered their training and followed the calls of our fearless leader.   Very sexy bards with very (very) sexy butts were speeding around the island, banging their drums, as mean ol' bees were chasing them for a good portion of the engagement.  However, once the towering (and smelly) Ogre let loose his battle cry, the steel was drawn, the majicks were called forth, and there was only one bee left - the Queen herself.  

The first attempt was a valiant effort, but your heroes fell to the sting and the disease rot.  We regrouped, thanks to our wonderful gnome cleric Healzi, who had offered their services and made camp before the engage.   As we wiped the dirt from our faces, mended our wounds, recalibrated our strategy, and steeled ourselves for another encounter - a voice from below called out.... a divine priest of Tunare - "Are we still at bees?"   PRAISE TUNARE! The mighty High Priest Faewyndyl had rejoined the band of heroes just in time for the call to battle!   

The trepidation in the hero's faces faded away to pure determination, pure grit, pure passion - the Queen was soon to be in the ground!   

As we offered up Gritz for the requisite gnome sacrifice, the cry to engage was heard across the plane.  On Zobaber! on Jibartik! on Zebebab and Kobab! To the death they fought for their necromancer, magician, and shaman masters! Until finally with two-thirds of her life remaining, Queen grew tired of the punishing onslaught of arrows from our ranger corps - and charged ahead at Crunum, slaying him in a few short rounds of melee. 

It was then that the Ogre, Gearfried the Iron Knight, battle weary but determined, stepped to the fore - taunting the mighty Queen to take him on.  As she turned her ire at the Ogre in his defensive crouch, the high priests and phantasmists of Dynasty had devised a coordinated plan to maintain the Ogre's life, which confounded the Queen.  As she pounded away at the seemingly invincible ogre - the rogues, monks, knights, and remaining rangers began to slash, crush, and bash away at her life - which began to drain from her quickly!  

In short order - the plane was again calm.  Upon the ground - dripping with a thick mixture of blood, honey, and sweat - was the corpse of the Queen Bee - Bazzt Zzzt - slain by the heroes of <Dynasty>!  

From her cold, dead corpse we retrieved Silken Wraps for Radrum, and a Bixie Sword blade for Okeanos.

Congratulations to the heroes of <Dynasty>!

This is why I love this guild.  Anyone can join a guild that's been there, done that.  We're doing things a lot of us have always wanted to do in this game but never had the chance, and we're learning to do it for the first time together.  Major accomplishment.  Looking forward to many more milestones. 

-- Pflow


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